The Angel Therapist

Holistic Therapies with Tricia Lee S.A.C. Dip


We all have a life force that flows through our bodies and into our energy centres or “chakras”.

It also flows around the outside of our bodies, which we call an Aura. This life force or energy gives us our nourishment to our organs and all the cells of our body, to main a healthy function. When this energy is not flowing correctly, we will fall ill and feel unbalanced.

Reiki brings about healing by recharging our energy centres or chakras with positive energy. Reiki also raises our vibrations in the energy field to help dispel the negative energy that has caused a disruption in our chakras.

Therefore, Reiki, clears and heals the energy pathways, which in turn allows the life force to flow in a healthy manner.

Reiki vibrations are on a very high level and healers can only work with this energy when they have been channelled by someone who has previously been attuned to the vibration. Those healers who have not been attuned but say they have been, cannot be working at such a high vibration.

Reiki is guided by the God-consciousness and therefore can never to any harm to a client. The channelled healing will always be directed to where the client requires it most.

Reiki will leave the client feeling an increase in energy and a sense of peace that surrounds them.

The practitioner will take a medical background before a healing session takes place. The whole session would last one hour.

Tricia is a Reiki Master Teacher and runs courses for Level 1, 2, Master and Teacher qualifications. Please enquire.

Price - 60mins 25 Euros

Reiki Master Teacher ~ Angelic Healer ~ Colour Therapist
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