The Angel Therapist

Holistic Therapies with Tricia Lee S.A.C. Dip

Psychic Counselling

Psychic counselling is conducted on a one-to-one basis and in the privacy of the therapistĀ“s home/treatment room. Counsellors are fully trained coaches and have studied psychology. Therefore they have the knowledge to guide the client through their problems. All problems that are discussed remain solely between the client and the therapist.

Counsellors have a code of ethics to uphold and feel it is our duty to uphold a standard of practice, that is to say honest, kind, accurate and helpful.

When the client visits a therapist, the client will discuss their deeper problems and emotions. The counsellor will connect to their spiritual advisors, who will be able to help the client to move forward with renewed knowledge of the situation. To see a situation from a different perspective, adds a new dimension to the problems and gives clear insight into solving or dealing with them.

Carrying around pent up emotions such as anger or bitterness, within our heart, can often lead to physical illness. Releasing these emotions and finding answers give us more vitality and strength to go forward.

The relationship between Counsellor and Client is a gentle and trusting bond and the Client will be free to examine his/her deepest fears.

A counselling session will normally last for one hour.

Price - 60mins 25 Euros

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