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Colour Therapy

The world around us is filled with glorious colour and often we ignore these vibrant hues. Colour is a visual thing and our senses are bombarded with it, whether we know it or not. We even talk about colour when we describe people or situations e.g. green with envy, red rag to a bull, black as night. Therefore we are very aware that colour is very much a part of our lives but we often take it for granted. It can lift our soul and lift our energy.

The Egyptians first discovered the healing properties of colour and would use a coloured crystal In a sunlit room. The “patient” would sit or lie in the room for thirty minutes or so, and the body Would absorb the colour in to the “patient”.

Colour connects to our energy centres within our bodies and we all have seven major “energy centres” Or “chakras” within us. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel or swirling vortexes of energy. The chakras supply a constant flow of energy to our bodies and each chakra is linked to a specific colour. When our chakras are not functioning correctly, we begin to feel unwell.

It is the Colour Therapist´s job to discover which chakra is slowing down and will carry out healing with Pure silk coloured scarves or light source to enable that chakra to absorb the coloured energy from the scarf or light source that is used. It is also important to be eating the correct coloured foods for your ailments and the Colour Therapist will inform you what the best options are for you.

Science has proved that colour and light is made up of electronic waves moving at different speeds. There are many colours that are not on the visible spectrum, such as radio waves or gamma waves. Colour therapy deals directly on the visible colour spectrum. Each colour that is used has a different wave length and moves at different speeds.

Price - 1 to 2 hours 30 Euros

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