The Angel Therapist

Holistic Therapies with Tricia Lee S.A.C. Dip

Angelic Healing

Angelic healing is a form of gentle therapy that takes place when the Therapist is connected to the divine angels. Energy is channelled through the healer from the angels and is directed to the “energy centres” or “chakras” that are blocked. Everyone can benefit from this type of healing and will give you a sense of release, peace, re-balancing and happiness after this very spiritual session.

Illnesses or disease are normally derived from blockages in our chakras. When these charkas are blocked we become unwell, listless, tired or worse. These blockages can be removed by this gentle art.

Angelic Healing differs from Reiki, in that no symbols are used. Reiki is used on a higher frequency and healing is over a longer period of time i.e. 60 minutes as opposed to Angelic Healing which is over 30 minutes.

Clients may notice different sensation during the healing process, such as heat, coolness, tingling and also an overwhelming sense of peace. Angelic Healing can release all the built up tensions that surround the client and they can truly let go of their emotional troubles.

After a healing session, a client will feel totally relaxed, calm and more able to deal with life´s problems. Some clients may also feel anger that has arisen during the session but it is only a natural part of the healing process which allows the body to let go of the suppressed feelings.

Some people will benefit from only one session, whilst others will require regular weekly healing sessions to fully feel the benefit. This naturally depends on each person´s circumstances and what blockages are present.

The Angels that are used during sessions are Archangel Rafael, who is the ruler of the healing angels and also Archangel Michael. Michael is the great protector and looks after the client and therapist during all healing sessions.

Price - 30mins 15 Euros

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