The Angel Therapist

Holistic Therapies with Tricia Lee S.A.C. Dip

Angel Card Reading

What is an Angel Card Reading?

In a simple form, it is a way to seek Angelic guidance. Readings can focus on one specific question but can simply hone in on a general guidance to all aspects of your life. There is never a simple yes or no answer and the sitter needs to be prepared to fully understand what the cards are saying to them.

The person that is being read, will be asked to shuffle the pack and pick out a select amount of cards. The reader will then, one by one, read each card but there is generally a theme that runs through the selected cards. This will be fully explained by the reader.

Sometimes, the illustrations on the cards may have important messages to relay. If there is any conflict amongst the cards, it could be that there is a conflict that the sitter has to deal with.

The Angels are always ready to help with personal day to day and life issues.

All readings are private and confidential.

Price - 60mins 20 Euros

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